What is Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice?

Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice is are a water-based, Non Diary, Naturally Fat Free, Gluten Free, Cholesterol Free frozen flavored fruit treat with over 120 different flavors. Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice is an authentic Italian ice and never contains any non-dairy creamer.

 What flavors are available?

See our “Products” page for a list of our Top 20 flavors. Also visit our “Special Orders” page for a full variety of unique and exceptional blends of individual flavors and combination flavors. 

Can I choose my own flavors?

Yes, you can buy as little as one tub or by the pallet; you are free to pick whatever flavors you would like, in whatever quantities you would like. For special order or custom flavors, quantities may vary depending on the production batch.

 Where is Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice Sold?

Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice is sold at malls, stadiums, amusement parks, festivals, fairs, beaches, flea markets/swap meets, camps, state parks, swim clubs, golf courses, resort hotels, carnivals, zoos, soccer fields, youth leagues, Schools, company events, etc.  In fact, anywhere there are people, there is an opportunity to sell Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice. See our “Find Us” page for a list (to mention just a few) of our customers that scoop and serve our Italian Ice in stores, restaurants and dessert shops. At the bottom of the page you will also find a list of wholesales that also carry our Italian Ice, soft serve and concentrate products. 

 How Is Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice packed for shipping?

Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice is packed on wooden pallets. There is a maximum of 100- 3 gallon containers & a minimum of 20- 3 gallon containers on a pallet. The pallets are shrink wrapped for shipping strength, ease of unpacking and see-through visibility for quality control. The dimension of a full pallet of 100- 3 gallon containers is approx. 40 X 48 X 60 and weighing approx. 2000 lbs.

 How can I sample Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice?

A sample package can be sent overnight packed in dry ice. We do not charge for the Italian ice samples, dry ice or the shipping container.  However, the overnight shipping has to be paid by the receiver (we will credit you back the sample shipping on your first full pallet order from us.)  To request a sample order form please, e-mail info@mustachemikes.com.

 How do I pay for my shipment of Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice?

Cash, Credit Card, Cashiers Check, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer, Bank Check. All shipments of Italian Ice must be pre-paid.  Company checks must clear first.  For faster turnaround we suggest certified checks or wired funds.

 Where can Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice be delivered to?

We shop a variety of frozen LTL carriers for the best possible pricing along with transport timing. All frozen truck deliveries must be delivered to a facility that has a dock. If you are ordering by the pallet you will need to have a few chest freezers for storage.  Remember the product needs to be maintained at 0 degrees Fahrenheit for maximum self life.  Otherwise, we can make arrangements to have your Italian Ice shipped directly to a cold storage facility in your area.  Just look in your yellow pages for WAREHOUSES-COLD STORAGE or go on-line and Google search for Cold Storage along with your City and State. Then shop for the cold storage facility with the best monthly storage rates and best location to where you live or will be conducting your business. 

 I am a traveling concessionaire.  Can I have product delivered?

We can make arrangements to deliver to cold storage warehouses to match your schedule. If you already have frozen storage on your vehicle or concession trailer, Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice can be transported easily from venue to venue.

 Where I live no one has heard of Italia Ice. How do I know it will sell in my area?

Sampling is the answer– One taste of Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice is all it takes.We call it the “WOW” factor. We also have loads of great ideas and suggestions that we pass down to our vendors free (upon request) after your purchase.

 Is Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice like a Snow Cone and Shaved Ice?

Not even close! Unlike snow cones and shaved ice (ice with syrup poured over the top), Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice is a unique silky, smooth, creamy and delicious refreshing frozen dessert in a natural water base. Simply open a bucket and scoop out a taste of this delicious treat.

 Can I use the logo of “Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice”

Yes- as long as you are selling only Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice products.

 Does Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice control my business operation?

No- Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice is extremely FLEXIBLE in the way we run our business.If you prefer not to use the pushcarts and instead open up a store using our Italian Ice-

-Yes you can do that!

If you prefer to just order our Italian ice and nothing else-

-Yes you can do that!

If you want to sell our Italian ice from a kiosk/gazebo in a mall or from a trailer-

-Yes you can do that! 

There are no limitations- This is your own business.  You can conduct it any way you wish! 

If you are looking for help or suggestions along the way, we will provide them to you at absolutely no charge, without your success there is No success.

What is the minimum investment for someone to become involved in the Italian Ice business?

One (1) three gallon tub, you can pick it up from us in Orange County California or from our wholesalers listed on our “Find Us” page.

 Can I name your Italian ice other than “Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice”?

It’s your choice. Most of our customers do use the “Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice” name and logo because, of our superior brand recognition, along with our Community and family friendly image and with its popularity.

 Does Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice have any signs or stickers?

Yes, we have colorful, eye-catching umbrellas, A-Frame signs, 2X5 banners, Soft Serve posters and POS. items.

 What does my Board of Health need to know about Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice?

Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice contains no dairy or non-dairy creamer (which can spoil).It is served frozen, where it is nearly impossible for bacteria to build which makes us a NON perishable food item.

 What are the most important things to do before I receive my first delivery of Italian Ice?

-Purchase Freezers- Have them plugged in and ready to go before your order arrives.


-Choose a Cold Storage Facility near Your Home- If you do not have room for chest freezers at your business or location where you plan on conducting your Italian ice operation from. It may be more cost effective to have the Italian ice shipped directly to a cold storage warehouse in your area.

-Location, Location, Location- Italian ice, like all products, sell in places where there are people walking by. That’s the great thing about a pushcart; you can move it almost anywhere.

-Health Department- Find out from your local municipality if there are any permits or licenses you will need in order to start selling Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice.  If you run into any problems along the way, call us and we can help you solve them.

Storage – Shelf Life

Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice can be stored for up to 24 months maintaining a temperature of zero degrees Fahrenheit, while in our original sealed (unopened) plastic buckets. Opened containers have a shelf life 16 weeks. 


If you are serving from a freezer, the serving temperature should be 4 to 9 degrees Fahrenheit for maximum flavor, consistency and easy of scooping.  Mustache Mike’s is an authentic Italian Ice and never uses any non-dairy creamer.  Our original creamy texture comes from a 100 year old secret recipe and the use of sophisticated ice cream machinery imported from Italy!

Italian ice has long been a family favorite that originated in the Northeastern United States. It is a popular part of culture in cities such as New York and Philadelphia. Authentic Italian ice has been enjoyed generation after generation. You can now enjoy the great taste of homemade Italian ice much closer to home. Our Italian ice is made right here in California. It is available in over 120 mouth-watering flavors ranging from the traditional Lemon, Cherry and Blue Raspberry to the more exotic Mango and Pina Colada. Everyone has a favorite!

Because, traditional Italian ice is completely water based, it is fat free, cholesterol free and lactose free. Not only does it taste great, it is also a healthy frozen treat. Mustache Mike’s Italian ice is bursting with flavor! Each flavor is made with great attention to detail in order to bring out the taste of all the fresh ingredients that we use. Our ice is made in small batches to ensure consistently great quality. You can taste the flavors in every bite!

The Mustache Mike’s concept is simple. To bring a high quality Italian ice to the United States, and to provide excellent service for our customers. We have many sales options that are flexible and can be customized to your specific needs. Mustache Mike’s will provide support to what your business may need in order to properly display and vend our Italian ice. Mustache Mike’s mobile dipping cabinets are a perfect program for the resort community Snack bars and any style restaurant. Also, we have vendor options that can serve you and your guests that make it easy for you to have Mustache Mike’s at your events. We can accommodate anything from small private parties to large company functions. So, for your frozen dessert needs, think Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice, “Quality you can taste”